What to expect your first night at Serendipity House

This is intended to help first time members answer a few of the common questions.

First things first, its totally acceptable to be feeling nervous or awkward, don’t worry we have all been there; so take a deep breath and lets me tell you about how a typical first night at Serendipity House goes.

Please don’t worry too much about Body Types, Age, Race, Gender, Likes/Dislikes, Fetishes or any other insecurities that may arise, Swingers are the most diverse and accepting group of people you will ever meet.

So lets begin your Virtual Tour…

Your First night and the drive to the venue is one filled with nerves, questions, concerns, and other feelings; but be assured that we have all been there! We have all sat in our car a bit panic stricken, wanting to go in but scared to death about what is waiting for us on the other side of the door. What I can assure you is that when you get that brave moment of “do it now or forever hold your tongue” and you walk thru the door you will be greeted with smiles and some very friendly and talkative hosts. Our hope is that we can put you at ease within moment of entering our club.

When you walk in there is a reception area that is set up. There you can hang your coat, grab a cubby space to put a bag or your shoes in and you do a bit of paperwork with one of the hostesses. We try and get the un-pleasantries and formalities out of the way as fast as we can so you can start to socialize. We will ask you for some Photo ID and we do record your ID Number, but rest assured it is only for our Legal obligations and nothing else.

Next thing that will happen is one of the other hosts will take you on a quick tour of the house. They will explain the different rooms and the basic house rules and answer any and all questions you will have.

Upstairs where we finish your tour, we have the main Social Area. This is where you can have a drink and calm your nerves a bit. We have a bar area set up, a fridge to put all your drinks; we supply all the basics, bottled water, pop & juice mixes complimentary to you, we have glasses for your use as well. We also provide hors d’oeuvres for your snacking needs (we try and keep the offerings simple and light and we rotate the appetizers so no event night is ever the same)

From here you will be introduce to other members that are in attendance. There will more then likely be other new members who are probably just as nervous as you are, and some more experienced members. Make sure to introduce yourself to everyone, our members are so friendly and accepting and wanting to meet new people. We try and have a fun little icebreaker game to help every one mingle and we usually have a few door prizes to encourage every one to participate.

The rest of the night is up to you. You can just socialize with other members or maybe go downstairs with your partner to watch or join in with another couple you have connected with. You can always play at any time of the night, no need to wait till after a certain time, and we usually let people naturally finish their night whatever time that might be, meaning you don’t need to feel pressured to play just cause its midnight and you think we will be closing our doors, we usually let everyone stay till their good and ready to leave (yes that means its okay to stay till 4am if you so wish)

We have connection cards in the social area so that if you do meet another couple you can exchange your information for future communication. I can almost assure you that you will have an amazing night and will be so excited and counting down the days till your next visit.

Please know that you can contact us at any time with any other questions or concerns you might have. Between the entire host/hostess team we have heard it all, experienced it all and nothing embarrasses us anymore. We want your experience at Serendipity House to be nothing but amazing.

We look forward to meeting you!!!

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