Lifestyle Etiquette

All of us want to be successful as swingers.

It doesn't matter how often, with whom, where, or in what style you swing.

One of the nicest things about our lifestyle is that most of us relate to each other with respect, understanding, thoughtfulness, and common courtesy; just as we ourselves wish to be treated.

First and foremost is the 'Golden Rule' of this lifestyle.

Anyone and Everyone has the right to refuse any advances just as you have the right to refuse theirs.

Don't expect or ask for any explanation.

An initial 'no' rarely will change to a 'yes', no matter how much you try to persuade them.

An improperly handled situation can end with hurt feelings. If there's someone you'd like to swing with, let them know in a friendly manner and accept their response politely, whatever it may be.

Many new people are not prepared to handle rejections, so be polite when saying no.


If you are interested in swinging with someone, let him or her know in an inviting way; if they are interested, they will respond positively. If they are not and say "No, thank you," do not ask WHY. No amount of sweet talk or coercion on your part will change their mind and will probably work against you. Everyone has the right to say "NO" at all times, to anyone, without explanation.


Beware, not everyone is comfortable in all situations, Keep your eyes open for signs that your partner, as well as others, are relaxed and enjoying themselves. If someone is not comfortable, try helping him or her over the rough spots in a respectful and appropriate manner. Remember, we were all beginner once too. If it is obvious that things are not working out, remain polite and courteous. Keep in mind that not all people feel the same about things.
First time swingers may feel uneasy seeing their mate with someone else. If this happens, talk to others and ask how they handled their first time. Don't let jealousy spoil a good time. Discuss any inhibitions you may have with your mate before hand. Know each others limits prior to attending functions. Be respectful of others feelings and be conscious of your partners feelings.

Only do what you are comfortable doing. Let it be known what you are and are not willing to do.

Do what you want with who want when you are ready to do it. 

Nothing turns a person off faster and more effectively than an unclean body or bad breath. Even if you shower and perfume yourself before you leave home, it is always a good idea to freshen up again when the nights activities begin to progress. 

A few drinks can often help everyone to relax. Make sure you never over-indulge. Besides being a performance inhibitor, drunks are seldom invited to get together.

If you're a smoker, respect others around you who are not.

It's always a good ideas to use breathe mints or gum if you do smoke.

When attending functions, let the hosts know if you are coming late or have a change of plans so they can make the necessary adjustments . Always arrive in a timely manner.


Be discreet! When outside the club please remain fully covered up at all times if dressed in sexy attire, and keep noise and horseplay to a minimum when arriving or leaving. 

Thank your new found friends, host and/or others you have spent time with. A call or text to say 'Thank you, we enjoyed being with you last night', is very much appreciated by all.


Quarrels between partners need to be taken home.

If you and your partner are having a dispute, don’t get loud, don’t call each other names, just go home and give yourselves time to calm down.

Nothing will get resolved by arguing in an unpleasant environment.

If you’re found to be disrupting the mood, you’ll be asked to leave.

 If a private room is closed then NO ONE is allowed to enter without being invited.

(This does not mean you stick your head through the door and invite yourself!)

Not even the Hosts are allowed to enter. 

It is up to everyone to protect yourselves as well as our partners.

With the present concern over sexually transmitted diseases such as syphilis, gonorrhea, aids, yeast infection, etc., the use of condoms should not offend anybody.

Anyone not willing to take this precaution is acting selfishly and irresponsibly.

You are not being accused of being unclean by being asked to use protection, but simply being provide with a safe sex experience.


There is no guarantees that anything will or won’t happen (this is NOT a brothel).


Most important, have a good time, act out your fantasies, explore your own sexuality and enjoy everything this lifestyle has to offer with enthusiasm, laughter and a positive attitude.



The Host’s decisions are final in any unsafe/negative situation.