House Rules

- The owners of Serendipity House or the Event Hosts have the ultimate say regarding activities to be permitted or not at all Serendipity House Events. 

If you have a question, do not hesitate to ask them.  


- When you arrive at our club for the first time, having completed the verification and having RSVP’d, you will be required to provide photo ID, your Copy of ID will be an acknowledgement of the Waiver and that you are aware of the type of club you are attending and some basic rules.


- Serendipity House Events are predominantly for couples  in a committed relationship. 

       - Single women are permitted unescorted. 

       - Single men are not permitted except within the context of a threesome relationship or as a pre-approved escorted date to a single female (please see FAQ for more info) 


- What you see or hear at Serendipity House events and who attends Serendipity House events is privileged and confidential.  Dissemination of such in any form is strictly prohibited.


- Cameras of any kind are not to be used at any Serendipity House Events without the express permission of management.  NO EXCEPTIONS!!!  


- As a member of Serendipity House, a private adult club, you are expected to conduct yourself in a professional adult manner.  Strict adherence to courtesy & respect is expected by all.  If you have a problem, concern or just general question, please contact the owners of Serendipity House or Event Hostesses for clarification.  


- Should any incident occur at Serendipity House, which causes any member to feel uncomfortable, it is the responsibility of the owners of Serendipity House or the event hostesses or security to deal with the incident in a manner of their choosing.  It is not the responsibility of the members of Serendipity House.  Please respect this.  


- All play must follow the basic rules of safe, sane and consensual.  NO means NO, always. 

Always gain consent before touching another person anywhere that would normally require consent.  Always gain consent before watching and/or joining another couple/person.  


- Should any member become involved in a physical altercation at a Serendipity Event event, their membership privileges will be revoked immediately and permanently.  


- Activities of a sexual nature are permitted in designated areas only. If unsure, please clarify with the hostesses.  Safe sex practices are always strongly encouraged and are considered a personal responsibility.  Towels and Wash Cloths are readily available in the play areas.  They, or another suitable covering of yours, need to be placed on the furniture or beds where any activity occurs which could result in the expulsion of body fluids or from a spill of any type of liquid.  Used towels/coverings need to be deposited in the hampers provided.


- Illegal drugs, smoking of cigarettes or cannabis in the house or event location (other than in the designated outdoor smoking area), prostitution and solicitation in any form are strictly prohibited!  


- Alcohol is permitted on a B.Y.O.B. basis, all alchohol must be checked in at the bar upon arrival and must be consumed only in the defined social areas. 

- Designated play areas cannot be reserved.  First come, first served. Please be considered of time when using the private room.


- As your parents used to say: "Clean up your own mess!"  Wastebaskets can be found in each room for all disposable items.  Please deposit used towels, and sheets, if soiled, into the hampers provided.  If sheets need to be changed, it is your responsibility to replace them with the clean sheets provided.  


- You'll find that most of our rules are just common sense to ensure that all our members have a safe, secure and comfortable location to meet others.


- Whether you are new to the lifestyle or and experienced swinger, all are welcome. You can either participate in activities or just watch and join in when you are ready.