What to expect your first night at Serendipity House

“A big misconception is that the second you walk into a swingers club you will be jumped by sex crazed maniacs, clothing torn from your body and forced to have sex. I will Guarantee you with 100% certainty that thought is the farthest thing from the truth about what happens”.  – The X Club

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Serendipity House?

Serendipity House is a social environment for like-minded, responsible individuals that partake in the lifestyle of responsible non-monogamy. It’s a non-judgemental, sexually charged, social gathering; we provide the missing link for most connections.

Who attends Serendipity House?

Serendipity House mainly caterers to committed couples, adventurous single females and select single males who are involved in the lifestyle community. Most individuals are curious to explore a deeper relationship with others. Guests of all walks of life (ages & sizes) and different stages (all levels in the lifestyle) are in attendance on any given event night.

Swingers are everyday people. Business Owners, lawyers, doctors, nurses, bankers, writers, software engineers, computer programmers, marketing executives, and sales people who are very comfortable in their skin and looking for new, exciting ways to explore their sexuality. Some stumbled into the Lifestyle because they were bi-sexual or bi-curious, some for the desire to have sex beyond pro-creation and some through marital issues, which in most cases (but not all), ended up enhancing their communication and relationships.

Are Single Males allowed to attend?

The Number of Single Men on any given night will only match the number of single females in attendance or by request from other members in attendance.


A) They are part of a M/F/M couple threesome and the sponsoring couple has spoken to the hosts prior to an event.

B) A pre-screened date of a Single Female Member

C) Recommended as a good single gentleman candidate, by a current serendipity member.

What is B.Y.O.B (Bring Your Own Bottle)?

All Events are BYOB. You are responsible to bring your alcoholic beverage of choice but as always we provide unlimited Bottled Water, Canned Pop (Coke/Spite/Ginger Ale/Tonic/Soda Water) & Juice Mix (Orange Juice/Pineapple Juice/Cranberry Juice/Clamato) complimentary to all guests.

*If you have a specific request for mix please let us know and we will do our best to accommodate.

Do we have to be pre-approved to attend?

Yes, we verify & approve every applicant. It’s a quick, easy application process. The application process is solely for the purpose of verifying the applying applicant. We do not require photos and we do not discriminate against applicants.

Why you ask: You would be surprised how many “partners” want to surprise their other “partner” with the chance to fulfill a fantasy they have talked about. This type of situation usually never goes well. We also have to remember that the other couples in attendance have real feelings and real boundaries and this “surprise”typically does not align with the general rules of the Lifestyle.

Are the events by Invite Only?

We do not invite members; it is up to each member to RSVP to the events of their choice.

Pre-Registered RSVP’s simply allows us to prepare for the event more thoroughly. If you RSVP Yes to an event and your plans change please just be honest and let us know and no hard feelings will be had. We typically have a wait list on event nights and other members are patiently waiting for spots to open up.

When are the parties?

Currently we try and host parties once or twice a month. We also typically have two or more large dance & hotel parties a year.

Where are we located?

We are centrally located in Kelowna, BC. Our Confidential Address is provided upon your RSVP to an event, typically two days before the actual event.

Are we ever obligated to participate in any sexual activity?

First and foremost, Serendipity House is "NO PRESSURE" environment; you are NEVER REQUIRED to participate in any sexual activity with anyone, unless you choose to do so! If you are not interested, a simple "No Thank You" is all that's is needed to decline any invitations.

Unwanted aggressive behavior, Unwanted touching, or obscene gestures will not be tolerated by anyone. If you are the victim of this type of behavior, alert the one of the host team members immediately and the offensive guest will be escorted from the party and banned from attending any future parties.

The golden rule of the Lifestyle is always upheld, NO MEANS NO.

Will we get lucky by attending your parties?

Attending any lifestyle event is not an open invite or guarantee of sex; this is a private social event for open-minded adults. Anything that takes place is between consenting adults. NO ALWAYS MEANS NO, and any infraction of that rule will result in immediate removal, and/or reported to local authorities.